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Flashplayer location need a key?

If I were to continue to use the cloud player but wanted to use the flashplayer on my own server can this be done with this

Alternative location from where to load jwplayer.flash.swf. By default, this file is in the same location as jwplayer.js. In certain edge cases though (e.g. CDN-ing the players), you may want to host them separately.

But the question is ( if yes) does the embedded player need a product key or just the same player script location that it's pulling html player from?

Also, either way, does this file ( the .swf) get updated when new versions come out or is it the same across many versions?
There is a good reason why I want to separate them but it's silly to explain the long reason why

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes, you can define a new location for jwplayer.flash.swf using the flashplayer: ’’ parameter.

No, you do not need a separate license key.

And yes, the .swf gets updated when new versions come out.


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Thanks Todd
But you said., "no you don't need a separate license key"
What I meant was, do you need to use a key at all? Since hosting with the cloud player does not, this setup though is split half and half


JW Player Support Agent  
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You do not need a separate key, so as long as a key is defined on the page or via the cloud-hosted player when jwplayer().setup() is called, your flash.swf will load from the URL you define in the flashplayer: ’’ parameter.

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