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Can you stream over from Rackspace (Akamai) using the HTML5 player?


We're using Rackspace CDN (Akamai) to stream our videos files. I've set the player up as per the instructions at , which advises I include the Akamai provider from .

Does this mean that when you stream files in this way, you can only do so by using the Flash player (and not the HTML5 player)?

Previously, when I loaded the files directly from the CDN links (not the streaming links), I could use the Flash or HTML player, but since using the streaming links with the Akamai provider files it only seems to work with Flash. I guess this is because the Akamai provider files are SWF, which is Flash. Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, Dan.

I believe it depends on what format you’re getting from them. If they can provide you HLS streams, our player will try to render it in HTML5 and, if it can’t (like in Chrome or Firefox), it’ll use Flash Player.

Please let me know if you need any more help or have any other questions.

Thank you!

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