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Custom JS Provider Documentation Out Of Date

Hi there I am trying to upgrade a custom JS Provider from JW6 to JW7 however the sdk documentation is out of date.

There is no such jwplayer.utils, jwplayer.states, I am unable to replicate like the other providers because its using some wrapping code that is unavailable outside the player.

I am unable to get access to "utils" "Event" , "events", "states" properties.

Following the other providers

], function(utils, events, states, _) {

This is pretty useless and does not work outside the player.

Any ideas ?

The only way to do it is via jwplayer(_playerId) which I guess is ok however events and states are not part of the api ?

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This also doesn't seem to be part of the utils object

this.resize = function(width, height, stretching) {
return stretchUtils.stretch(stretching,
width, height,
_element.clientWidth, _element.clientHeight);

It's nowhere to be seen.

I am unable to do such things like the other provider like

], function(utils, cssUtils, stretchUtils, _, events, states, scriptloader, DefaultProvider, Events) {


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

Unfortunately, we do not provide support for the open-source player found on GitHub. Our support department is only set up to handle registered customers of our JW Player and JW Platform products. The version of our player found on GitHub is for non-commercial use only.

For questions and issues with the open-source version, we recommend filing an issue on the GitHub page.


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