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URL Link with Playlist Item?

Sorry for maybe asking a silly newbie question.
We appreciate very much the playlist functions of the JWplayer. But is there an easy way to generate a link into a URL that includes a message to the JWPlayer to start with a defined playlist item?

Aim is to be able to send or place Links to an other URL with one JWplayer with a static playlist with external hosted video-files and to force the Player to play the in the link defined playlist item.

Brightcove has implemented this feature like:

Is there something similar easy in the JW-World?

Thank you!

2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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We do not have built-in functionality for this, but you could certainly pass a URL parameter and then use Javascript on the page to parse out the video. The last step would be to call .playlistItem() to start playback of that particular video. Please see our API reference doc at for more details.


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Okay, sound good.
But after hours and hours reading reference pages and testing around I do not getting one step ahead. So I would appreciate a little bit more help...

For sure I managed to set up and integrate a player with a playlist (<script type="application/javascript" src="//"></script>.

But what are the next steps before your suggested "The last step would be to call .playlistItem() to start playback of that particular video..."?? Where exactly do I have to place this call, surrounded by which code?

Thank you very much for some more hints how to come closer to our task...

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