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After seeking all previous Ads playing at a time

Hi there,
I am using HLS, after seeking to a certain duration, all the previous Ads(Skipped in seeking) get played at a time, Can any body has the solution ? How can it be solved ?

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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This is the expected behavior for our player. Any potential workaround would need to be built with our Javascript API’s playAd() call, but please note that this method will not work on mobile devices.


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Thanks Todd Grunow for reply,

I want not to play all the previous Ads to play if a user skips by seeking. I want to play the video from the seeked point if there is Ad exist then the Ad will be played otherwise as usual the video will be played. How can I achieve this? What modifications should I do ?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Something like this would require customization via our Javascript API. My suggestion would be to use on(‘time’) in conjunction with playAd() to fire the ads at the desired times, even when the user seeks ahead.

Please note that this method will not work on mobile devices.

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