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Using hls format on remove player flash black square apear

Hi there .
I have an agular project where i build a theatre.
In this theatre i need to "play" both photos and videos. By playing photo i mean that the photo should stay on stage area for a few seconds.
In order to do this the angular way i need to use a template switcher for photos and videos. So every time i switch from a video angular is destroying that template and add the other one which can be either photo or video. My problem ocurs when i call jwplayer('myID').remove() to clear the player events and destroy the player since a new player will be instantiated in the next video template. I use primary flash and when the player remove itself a black box is flashing in stage area just before angular is destroying the current template. I changed in jwplayer.js the wmode for flash object to transparent and idd the black box its becoming transparent also. My guess is that the embed flash object is doing a resize or something. i have a video recorded for it but dont know where to upload it on this forum so you can see it. Do you guys have any ideea why the player is behaving like that?

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Would it be possible to hide the player and instead of re-instantiating it you just call the .load method to start the next video?

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