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Hey boss: JW 7.10 still DASH useless

Can I ask what are the JW engineers doing over the weekend?

How about the boss, whoever this is, pays them overtime and fix DASH once and for all?

DASH streams do not start on Android . Press play , press pause, press play again in order to start playback is not the kind of experience consumers will have a clue about, nor should they have to ,

That Android issue was identified in Beta stage, reported and re-reported also since version 7.0 , so if this is not a critical bug then what is?
As it stands, DASH is NOT a feature of JW Player , it is absolutely production USELESS - and as a customer paying decent money I would like it fixed right now because I have been patiently waiting to deploy DASH, so why not this weekend? WHY NOT INVEST THE MONEY... this weekend!! thanks boss.

While you're at it...
Chromecast app does not support DASH... you can have ice cream or the ice cream topping, not both!!!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Mark,

We currently have this logged into our bug system and are working on it. At the moment we cannot provide an ETA.

Thank you for the information,


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How about a androiddash: false toggle then in the meantime


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Tick Tock - Broken Clock

10 weeks since official MPEG DASH support, doesn't work on all devices, in fact, it's breaks Android, Chromecast and many IE browser installs.


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Is this bug with MPEG-DASH on Android solved in version 7.3 or not?
We can not use MPEG-DASH streaming until this is not solved:(

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