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Play jwplayer instance at a time one only JW Player 6 in Wordpress

I am using JW Player 6 Plugin for Wordpress.

I have a page to show 10-12 songs for single Album with their playback option for each song. But i want to play only one player at a time. Suppose a song is currently playing and i played another one then the previous one should be stopped.

Here is my site url

Please provide me the solution asap.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We do not have built-in functionality for this, but there’s two different ways you could do this that come to my mind:

1) Write a Javascript function that stops all the other players on the page and then starts the new click. My suggestion would be to pass the desired player id (player-3, for example) to the function and stop all the others.

2) Instead of using eleven separate players on the page, use one player and then pass the desired file URL in a load() function. Please see for more details

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