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ABR Selector (Dropdown) on Mobile Devices?

I even used Demo JW Stream-tester ( .. which i believe all the features are enabled there) but i still can not get ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) Dropdown Selector on my Mobile Devices (iOS, Android).

It is not that, ABR is not there. ABR is there and the Dropdown Selector is visible on Desktop Browsers (like: Chrome, Firefox). But on Mobile Devices, it is not shown.

Let's say i have a (valid working) Live Stream from Wowza:

So then how do i make the "ABR Selector" shown on Mobile Devices please?

Thanks much.
Kind regards,

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You can't - and why would you want to.
ABR drop down ( up) selector is of no use to anyone anyway, it's just "pretty" and the sooner they dump the useless FAD feature the better,

Think about it, on a mobile device, you want good video, when it's in auto like it should be and is by default on iOS and Android you will get the best video available to your device without doing anything, the way it should be on desktops as well.

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