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Paid Account downgraded to free account

I see that today you have updated the dashboard. Fine, but when I login now I'm on a JWplayer free account, and I can´t see my 80GB videos uploaded.

I had a free account only for testing purpose, and a JWPlatform account with more that 80GB of videos uploaded on production. Both accounts were associated to the same email. After the dasboard upgrade I was able to login to both accounts independently now it seems you have kind of mixed the accounts and I just can see the free account.

My account is . Please fix this soon.

4 Community Answers

Jeroen Wijering

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Ruben, sorry for that. We updated your settings and you should now be able to login to your Platform account again…


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Thanks. Now I'm able login to Jwplatform again.


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By the way, the new dashboard for the jwplayer free looked neat, and ready to be used for paid accounts as well. Will our accounts be migrated in the future?


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Attention Accounting:

I’ve been a customer for years, going all the way back to Bits-on-the-Run. I've spend thousands of dollars with them and with the new JWplayer organization when they took over.

I logged in to upload a video, only to discover that my balance of $360.38 I just paid less than 3 weeks ago to handle my monthly usage and storage for the next several months, has simply disappeared? Where did it go and why can’t I see the monies I’ve already paid in my account balance?

It appears that I’m now expected to pay $299 to become some new type of member?

Can someone explain what is happening, or how I receive a PayPal credit for the amount I just paid?

I feel you could have done a lot better in customer relations as to how you've handled long standing and loyal customers.

Thanks ....

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