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Vedios not loading with cached flash player in embedded IE 9 browser

Following is the script i am using to setup jwplayer

'file': '../../../../audio/en/0000066910.m4a',
'height': '24',
'width': '100%',
'primary': 'flash',
'flashplayer': '../../../../jwplayer69/jwplayer.flash.swf' ,
'skin': "../../../../jwplayer69/five.xml"

First time the page is launched (with nothing in Temp. internet files) , everything works fine, but then onward vedios/audio stops to load.

Every time, i clears the cache (explictly the jwplayer.swf) , vedios/audios works perfectly fine.

It also works with the IESetting "Check for newer versions of stored pages" as "Every time i visit the webpage".

Or if i update the player url as

"'flashplayer': '../../../../jwplayer69/jwplayer.flash.swf?' + ,"

so, it is the considered to be updated on every hit.

Can somebody suggest, why jwplayer is not able to consume cached flasher player swf.

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Can you please give me a link to a page where you have the affected player installed?

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