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license key upgrading jw6 - jw7

Hello, we're using jwplayer 6 on production site. We need to test jwplayer 7 on development site.
About the new jw7 license key, we need to know if we'll have problems with jw6 production site, if we'll upgrade to jwp7 on (the blue message)

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Your existing JW6 players and licenses keys are not changed when you upgrade to JW7, so they will continue to work on your production site.


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So what about the code snippet zip file for JW Player 7


JW Player Support Agent  
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The .zip file for self-hosting JW7 is available from the Players section in your account dashboard. Look for the Downloads>> link on the left side of the page near the top. You will also see the JW7 self-hosted license key you will need as well.

Please see for more details and code examples for self-hosting.

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