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Autohiding the mouse pointer in fullscreen mode

It would be nice if the mouse pointer was autohiding after a while (together with the controlbar) in fullscreen mode. As soon as you move the mouse again, the pointer should reappear like the controlbar.
Of course, you can move the pointer to the side of the browser window but it still remains visible a bit. That doesn't look nice.
Any suggestion?

4 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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I guess stackoverflow should help:

Dmitry Streltsov

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I do not install version 7 for only one reason - the cursor does not disappear in full-screen mode. Already released version 7.2.2, but the problem is still not resolved.

mr.erdah N/A

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I reply here because first time I tried to resolve this I found this topic. I was able to hide the cursor via CSS when the player div was in inactive mode (I used this class to trigger the cursor: none; property). But lately it doesn't work anymore and

mr.erdah N/A

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(I accidently hit the enter key..)

...and I think it because of an update you made. This is really annoying when cursor stay displayed on fullscreen (happens on HTML5 player and Flash).

Have you more info about when a release will be available for this ?

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