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Controlbar on and off during playlist...

I've just moved up to JW7 and I've noticed something different from 6. When running a playlist, each time a new item starts playing, the controlbar pops up briefly and then disappears. Not a huge deal, but a bit annoying, as I use the playlist to present programs made up of individual video files.

I never noticed this happening in previous versions of JW. Maybe I don't have something set correctly?? Optimally, I rather the controlbar not show up unless the viewer clicks in the player window.

Here's a link to my webpage so you can see what I'm talking about:

By the way, if anyone is curious why I use so many different video files for a program (like the football game in the link) it's because I'm using the same workflow concept that my TV station's automation system uses. All commercials, PSAs, community announcements, weather spots, etc. are individual files so dynamic ad insertion can be done.

Jon C. Moon
Ridgeline TV Channel 99

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Hi Jon

This is pretty easy to achieve using my Tatami configuration tool. Here's an example where you need to click in the player area before the controls become visible - then they disappear when the mouse moves out of the player area:

And here's a Tatami snapshot of the configuration used to build the example:

James Herrieven

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skype: JamesHerrieven
email: james[at]haiku[dot]co[dot]uk


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Great feedback, thanks. We will add this to our backlog.

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