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Time labels and seek bar makes no sense for DVR Live stream in JW7

Check this example:

The seekbar and time/duration don't make sense to have for a live stream.

James Herrieven

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3 Community Answers


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always the time says -9 minutes is that what you mean?
Also, it does not work in Edge browser at all.


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Yeah, and I think with JW6 the seekbar/times were replaced with the title of the playing item.

Eric Boyd

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Mark/James,

Thanks for pointing this out, it is definitely not the desired behavior.

We did make a change in JW7 so that DVR duration from our API is a negative value, that could be why we are not getting any time slider tooltips to tell you how far back you are going.

The – 10 minutes is expected to stay that way since that is length of the window of “recorded” segments still left on the server. Will submit a bug ticket to get this checked out.

As for Edge, IE likely does not support this type of UI, the same way that you can’t get DVR controls on Safari.

Thanks guys!


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