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Player not loading / buttons missing on our Hebrew (right-to-left) site

I am right now upgrading from JW 6 to 7. Our English site is fine, but our Hebrew is giving problems. Two separate issues (perhaps related, dunno):

(1) This page should have a player showing but is not loading at all:

Compare to our live site (JW 6.8), where it loads fine:

(2) This page runs a YouTube player, but immediately underneath it is a link. Clicking it replaces the YouTube player with the JW (please try):

This time the player loads fine, but some of the controls are not showing properly, what I'm guessing is an RTL issue.

Thanks so much in advance,
Dovid Rosenfeld

2 Community Answers


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Never mind, found the issues. For 1st video I was overriding some of the needed css settings (.jw-icon {
font-family: "jw-icons"; } ).

For the 2nd, something was messed up in my calling script. It had nothing to do with the Hebrew.

Sorry for the bother!


JW Player Support Agent  
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Glad to hear you got it working.

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