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Dynamic loadbalanced RTMP streaming with Wowza - how to change the HD toggle labels


I am trying to setup dynamic rtmp vod streaming using Wowza loadbalancer. Following instructions on Wowza Dynamic Load Balancing Add On, I have created a loadbalancer.smil using:

<video src="[stream-name]" />

to pass the parameters of the URL to the src element.

The URL to this file takes the form:


The videos play fine and you can toggle between the 2 versions, however the HD toggle popup has the labels:


Is there anyway I can pass further parameter arguments to the smil file to dynamically add titles to the assets, such as "HD" and "SD", replacing the current 1953kbps and 781kbps labels? I have tried label, title and name as arguments but they do not change what is currently displayed.

Thanks in advance

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title="" in your SMIL should do the trick:

<switch> <video src="high.mp4" title="HD" system-bitrate="1200000" /> <video src="low.mp4" title="SD" system-bitrate="500000" /> </switch>

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