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what is jwplayer licence that we need to pay which allow us to add web products?

We are a software company, and we building a new product. this product is enterprise portal ( enterprise news, photos, videos).

what is jwplayer licence that we need to pay which allow us to add the our product?

note: we need the player control, not the cloud services.

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Well, really you don't need to pay anything. The Pro version now without a watermark and is licensed for business use, can work for you. You will be limited to progressive file delivery though, so if you want to use DASH or HLS, or many other advanced features, a paid version is required.


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Thank you Mark, I need to use Dash and HLS, so we need PREMIUM license.

anyway, we need to embed the player in our products, and it is difficult to follow all our products customers and change the key yearly.

So my question: is there any specific license for our situation (product line)?


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do you mean that you want to sell a service whereby the player will embed on customer websites ?
If so. you would need an Enterprise agreement and need to talk to a representative. Make sure you totally understand the terms and conditions in writing because they will change their mind or staff will rotate and have different views, you'll be in contractual conflict and it's all your fault.... oh sorry I am talking about myself, haha

I really do not know the answer and still don't have a clue and that's why you need to contact them.

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