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Unable to load player with Flash Enterprise version - very secure IT environment


We have on of our (highly secured IT) corporate customer that after upgrading their Flash Player version are not able to launch anymore our player based on JWPlayer Enterprise 6.12.

They are using IE9 and Flash, which seems to be an enterprise specific Flash version.
What's very interesting is that the player doesn't even fire any on of the onSetupError or onError callback, so we don't have anyway to debug this problem. Also obviously they cannot change their Flash version.

Did you already experiences a problem like this?
Do you have any idea of where to investigate?

For information we successfully tested internally our setup with all IE version and with Flash version around 13.0.X (but don't have access to their specific version), so we are 100% sure the problem is related to their specific Flash version / IT.

Thanks a lot for your help,


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You found the issue, SWF was blocked by the FireWall of the customer.

But this leave a good question for the JWPlayer team, why when this does happen there is no error thrown and then catchup by the onSetupError on the onError callback?




JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Guillaume,

Thank you for the troubleshooting and information. We are constantly evaluating the experience of our player and and feedback from our customers. Thank you again for the insight.


Randy Le’Moine, Web Support Engineer, JW Player

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