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NSV stream / file not working in IE

I used to use the jw player 5.10 for streaming audio with no problems.
Part of the script / setup are the 2 lines underneath to get the stream working:

'file': ";stream.nsv",
'type': "sound",

Now i want to switch to jwplayer 7.01, but for some reason I can't get these "NSV streams" working in IE.
The lines underneath are working perfectly in FF and Chrome, but not in IE:

file: ';stream.mp3',
type: 'mp3',

Also added provider 'sound' but again, no luck in IE.
What is going wrong at my end. I'm sure I miss something, but I can't figure out. Please help.

3 Community Answers


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I've also tried this script, but again, no luck:

<script type='text/javascript'>
file: ';stream.nsv',
type: 'mp3',
primary: 'flash',

width: '290',
height: '30',
autostart: 'true',



JW Player Support Agent  
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We currently support the use of the following 3 audio formats: AAC, MP3 and Vorbis. For more information please find the following article:



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Is there any way to force the player into audio mode with a video file or stream? Or a way to make the controls show permanently?

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