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HTML rendered player won't stretch the video on Firefox

I have a player embedded on a client's website. When running in Chrome or on Firefox with flash installed, it works fine and plays perfectly.

When I try Firefox without flash on/installed, the player renders with HTML rather then the defined 'flash' and the video itself takes up a small part of the container it's in, rather than the whole width and height (in the correct aspect ratio of course).

The weird part about this, is it only happens on a specific website, and not on other websites where the exact same player with the exact same settings is embedded.

Am I supposed to add 'stretching': 'uniform' to my player settings ?

I inspected the player elements, and the video element receives these CSS property:
transform: scale(0.3125, 0.312963);
left: -660px;
right: -660px;
width: 1920px;
height: 1080px;
bottom: -371px;
top: -371px;

I assume that the transform property is the one that's causing this, but I can't seem to be able to fix it manually.

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Edit: This is not related to Firefox, but rather to browsers which aren't running shockwave flash (Mine was not installed yet apparently and so I found the bug)


JW Player Support Agent  
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We would like to look into this issue. It is odd that it only happens on one site and not others. Can you potentially cross check the code in both sites to ensure theres no deviation in code? A sample link may help as well.



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This is highly likely to be due to having a CSS statement somewhere on the page which is setting the "max-width" of "video" elements to be a certain fixed size.

Try adding the following to the page in order to override this:

.jw-player video{

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