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Windows 10 Edge - bottom half of stream is black and blocky

I seem to remember posting this question a couple of days ago. But if I did, I can't find the thread again so if this turns out to be a double post then I apologise.

After the recent release of Windows 10, our webcast viewers using Edge have reported that the stream for them does not work properly. The lower part of the video shows up as black and very blocky footage. If they use any other browser in Windows 10 the errors do not show up.

A version of the player with a continuous stream can be viewed at:

A screen recording of the error in progress can be viewed at:

We are currently using JW Player version 6.12.4956.

Anyone else running into this problem?

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Firstly I played the top URL in Edge and it runs perfectly. Maybe it's the users graphics cards that can't keep up with the encoding format.

Secondly, the pictures of this location look really lovely, but it's absolutely PISSING DOWN , don't look very warm at all :)


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Thanks for checking it out! I believe if you check it out again now or tomorrow the weather should've improved quite a bit compared to last time ;)

In the meantime I've been checking out JWplayer 7 and so far one of our partner's Windows 10 machines who previously had the problem in Edge under JWplayer 6 does not seem to have the problem anymore in 7. I'll see if I can find some more Windows machines to check it out on.


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I did successfully replicate this issue in a VM on my side. However when I took the stream out of your webpage and pasted the m3u8 in a basic setup block, the video played fine in Edge. Maybe theres something in the page setup that could be causing this?



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We have a very similar issue with Edge.

The top 1/3 or so of the video player streams fine, but the bottom 2/3d is blocky.

This is for JWPLayer 7. I'm not sure if something can be changed in the markup to facilitate playback on Edge, or what the issue even is. Any help is appreciated.

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