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A question about "meta" event

Hello, I'm a developer from China.

I played in the use of jwplayer RTMP, play began to appear among images will appear black screen for a period of time. I listen the "meta" event. Normally event. The metadata output is as follows:

{" bandwidth ":" 153 ", "bufferfill" : 0.9, "have" : "false", "screenwidth:" 499, "qualitylevel" : 0}

But when I found from the black screen into a picture, there is a "meta" event output is as follows:

{" renderstate ":" software ", "stagevideo" : "off"}

I don't know that the output of the mean?

I want to know "meta" event to print such result, jwplayer what happened inside. This will help when I was trying to play black screen problem.

Hope to get answers as soon as possible, thank you.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for reaching out to the support team. Can you potentially provide a sample link to the video embed where you are testing this?

Thank you,

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