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JW7 Transparent Play Button CSS or Icon?

I miss the transparent Play buttons that use to appear in the center of the poster image in some skins of JW Player 6.
How do I get them back with JW player 7?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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The play button should still be appearing prior to content starting.

Is this in regards to when an item is paused? If so, it is possible to change this behavior via CSS. I can share the code if you’d like!


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@Andrew: If you can, please do.


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Hi, I would really appreciate this code as well, basically our clients now believe that the player is 'broken' on iPhone after they click 'close'.
Ps. This is a change in behaviour compared to JW6.

martin.fullstack N/A

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Hi, I too would really appreciate this code.


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Hello, you can use this
.jwplayer.jw-state-paused .jw-display-icon-container {
display: table;
.jwplayer.jw-state-paused .jw-icon-display::before {
content: "\e60e";

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