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Multiple players with YouTube embeds on a single page do not initialize

I have this issue, with JWP 6 there is no problem but since I used JWP 7 I cannot play multiple videos on the same web page. I use normally this setup:

<div class="otvideo" style="float: left; margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px"><div id="container_632014105225263">&nbsp;</div><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">jwplayer("container_632014105225263").setup({file: "", type: 'youtube', height: 315, width: 560, primary: 'flash'});</script><noscript><span class="no-plugin">&nbsp;</span></noscript></div>

On the same page I have other player instances... If I open a single player page works but if the videos are all on the same page works only the first video, all the rest videos remain in waiting status or for better say in initialize status... this issue happens only with JWP 7.0.0 (on my download page there is no chance to download the version 7.0.1 of JWP).

Please fix asap.

PS: JWP7 has also cosmetic issue using the skin built-in... I use always the built-in skin since every time important changes to JWP make unusable the skins. I decided to use the standard skin.



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This looks like a duplicate question. I’ve added an update at and will be closing this thread.

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