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setting time references for a file within a playlist

I am trying to create a playlist where each entry jumps to a time within an mp4. Kind of a playlist/chapters/table of contents.
I am having very limited success but no consistency. For example, if I jump between different files, the start tag works, but jumping within the same file it does not.
I have tried double-starts but that doesnt work either.

Here's my code:

Playlist demo (3).
<div id="container4"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
playlist: [{
image: "/doggie.jpg", file:


start:10, title: "Fighter Pilot - 10 sec."
file: "", title: "nada"
image: "/doggie.jpg", file:


start:0, start:120, title: "Fighter Pilot - 2 min."
image: "/doggie.jpg", file:

"rtmp://", start:60,

title: "BrooksFest"
image: "/thumb.jpg", file:


, start:30, title: "Big Buck Bunny"

height: 448,
width: 868,
listbar: {
position: 'right',
size: 260

What I (will) have is a meeting where I want to jump to identified (named) discussions. I prefer not breaking the original files into sections, which is an alternative.

I'm pretty new at this so simplicity and/or a god explanation is appreciated.
Thank you

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JW Player Support Agent  
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The start: parameter worked in JW 5 (if I remember correctly) but is not supported in JW 6. My suggestion would be to use the .seek() method to jump to the desired time of the video using a link or button, like this:

<input type=button value=‘Video #2’ onClick=“jwplayer().playlistItem(2);jwplayer().seek(120);”>

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