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Loading a video on Click JWPlayer 7

<a href="#" onclick="jwplayer('VideoPlayer').load({file:'video.mp4',provider: 'rtmp',streamer:'rtmp://'}).play();">Title</a>

This use to work on jwplayer 6 and every other version. Version 7 isnt working.

Ive tried
<a href="#" onclick="playerInstance.load({file:'video.mp4',provider: 'rtmp',streamer:'rtmp://'}).play();">Title</a>

and many other ways to load the video, Ive changed the video embed to
<div id='VideoPlayer'>Loading the player ...</div>

<script type='text/javascript'>
var playerInstance = jwplayer('VideoPlayer');
file: 'rtmp://',
image: '',

The RTMP is working, the player loads the default video, but when I click my linked video I get: Error loading media: File could not be played.

<a href="#" onclick=''>Toggle playback</a> does work, it allows the player to play a video with an external link.

I know the player is setup correctly and that the external play button will work. I also know the RTMP streaming is working correctly. I just dont know if my video is being loaded, or do I need to change the provider terminology.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anybody have an idea?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Haven’t tested this yet (since I am on the train at the moment) but try adding primary: ‘flash’ to your load() call. JW 7 does not load directly in Flash mode like JW 6 used to, so maybe this would help.


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Todd, have tried everything I could think of but still not working.

Have you had a chance to test this?

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