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Error loading player : no playable source found in Mozilla fire fox

Hi i am using aws cloud front for generating the url . For playing the video i am using jw player. Now the jw player is playing the video in chrome but not in fire fox .

Please have a look at my code.

I am calling this function when user clicks on a specific button.

function fnPlayVideo(data)
if (data.d == null) {
$('#msg').text('there is an error in playing the video.You may see this error because of session to resume video training.');
else {
file: data.d,
width: '100%',
aspectratio: '3:1.7',
autostart: 'true'

Note: the code is using the following url


I added the jwplayer required javascript file in the head section as follows.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Please suggest me the solution for the problem.

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Just to add. I tested this stream using the following stream tester.

I opened the Google chrome browser and tested the url which is working fine. But when i test the same url in Mozilla fire fox it is not working.

url :



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@George - are you serious?!

By what mechanism do you suggest @pallebusiness provides all this potentially sensitive information?

Ignoring the fact that some of the information has already been provided, and some of the information you can surely gleen from their account information, all you *actually* need is a link to an example page where they are experiencing the problem....

Or maybe even think give it some thought and consider it could have something to do with RTMP, running via Flash, in Firefox. Jeez...


JW Player Support Agent  
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George is new to our team, so he’s still learning the ins and outs of troubleshooting via the forum. The questions he asked were all certainly valid for troubleshooting and trying to reproduce the issue, but to jherrieven’s point, some of the private details were not required.

That being said, Flash is required for RTMP playback so I would expect to see the Error loading player : no playable source found error if Flash was either not installed or enabled. Chrome has their own built-in version of Flash, but Firefox users need to install Flash on their own.


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I resolved the problem it was because flsah player ( which was not installed in Firefox ). Thank you for the support.

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