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4 days without any response from JW Player...

With the exception of one post in this forum (George), and a few posts in the streaming forum (Todd), there has been complete silence from the JW Team for 4 days - even though Todd claims:

"we work really hard to reply to everyone as fast as possible"

I wonder whether that's considered an acceptable level of customer service?

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I agree with you posted 2 items 4 days and they have said nothing may have to consider another player as there is no support from them, really ashamed of them. When you are paying for something you should get support...thanks for bringing that up


JW Player Support Agent  
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My team of six support engineers work very hard to reply to everyone as fast as they can. I am not ashamed of them at all. If you are paying for an account with us, you can e-mail us directly us for a faster response — better yet, use the link in your account dashboard to contact us because we try to show you documents and existing forum threads that might be relevant to your query first.

Users with a Free account are not entitled to e-mail support, but they can use our forums to seek answers to their questions.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Oops, that should say “My team of six support engineers works very hard”


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I'm sure the support guys do work very hard, and my interactions with them have always been excellent. But it's now painfully obvious that there simply aren't enough support personnel to handle the customer base.

Penny-wise and pound-foolish - potential customers will start looking for other applications when they see a support forum in which questions and problems aren't dealt with promptly. They have no way of knowing whether these posters are paying customers or just those with freebies accounts. All they see is a lack of responses.

(And you really, really need to get a new site designer. Navigation on here is still bewildering.)


-1 rated :

Why don't we have a forum section for FREE accounts that support can ignore and rely on user base replies. The other forums should be locked to paying customers.


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