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Youtube Videos don't work on mobile

I tried to embed a Youtube Video and it works well on Desktops.
But on Mobile Devices the Video won't start to play.

I have to touch the Play Button twice - and then get this Screen - (the Video Buffers since 10 Minutes)

I also wondering why there is no Chrome Youtube Player, but a styled JWPlayer.
I use the Cloud Hosted Player in Version 7 - in Version 6 anything works fine - but i want to use the new CSS Skin Feature from Version 7.

Thanks for the help!

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Does this example work on a mobile?


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Hello MisterNeutron,

unfortunately not.


Android (Chrome):

You can see that there is the Youtube Play Button under the JWPlayer Play Button ...


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What Mobile Device/OS are you using?

I had reported issues during the JW7 beta testing phase...

Your guess is a good as mine as to why this was allowed to go to production given the importance of mobile.

James (July 7th):
Pretty mixed results for me:
iPhone 5 / iOS 8.2
Renders and plays as expected however sometimes you need to click twice, depending on where you last clicked - the poster image or the middle play button.

iPhone 4 / iOS 7.1.1
Cannot get the player to respond at all.

In landscape view the middle play button is visible, in portrait the play button disappears. Doesn't react whether clicking the play button or the poster image.

iPad 1 / iOS 5.1.1
Plays as expected provided I click the poster image to start. Clicking the middle play button will change the state of the button but will not start the player.

JW6 renders, reacts and plays as expected on all above devices.

Ethan (22nd July):
We tested this on the oldest device we have here, which is an iPhone 4S, running iOS 7.1.1, and I see the issue.

It seems specific to small devices running iOS7, such as the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Our iPads running iOS7 work fine. We will look into this.

James Herrieven


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PS: This is not restricted to YouTube implementations.


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Tested with:

iPhone 6+ - iOS 8.4

One Plus One - Android 5.0.2 - Chrome 43

iPad Air 2 - iOS 8.1.2


You are right - when i click on the poster image the video starts as expected ... when i click the play button nothing happens -.-


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Can we get an update on this issue? We have a significant portion of our videos that play from YouTube and they aren't playing on iOS Safari nor Chrome Android.


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If you need a temporary workaround, you can try what I did. The videos will play if you click the image, but not the play button.

Add this to the page css:

This will leave the play button visible, but when users will press the video image behind it instead of the non-functional button.


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This problem still exist in the 7.0.1 version.


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Having the same issues with JW7 not working properly on iOS. The "pointer-events:none" fix above seems to be a descent workaround.

Although I've noticed that the Fullscreen button no longer works on iPad. On the iPhone the videos obviously just default to fullscreen once played.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi all,

Indeed, there is a known issue with YouTube content not playing back unless the poster image is touched. We’ll work on getting a fix out as soon as we can.

Also, re: iOS7 and 6 on iPhones, this is a tricky bug since the issue has been resolved in iOS8. It’s a bit tricky to support older browsers/versions, but we are evaluating the action that we want to take. In the interim, we have updated our documentation to mention that iOS 8+ is our only officially supported version.

Thanks everyone for your patience here. We’re working on it.

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