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Video & Audio in same playlist

Is it possible to have JWPlatform-hosted video files and their transcoded audio files shown in a single playlist?

For example, a playlist of streaming files could be:
—Video 1
—Video 2
—Video 3
—AAC Audio from Video 1
—AAC Audio from Video 2
—AAC Audio from Video 3

It's basically a mixed media playlist, but without using RSS. This would need to be pulled from JWPlatform files, and the audio files in the playlist would be the automatically-transcoded AAC files.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes, you could create such a playlist in your account dashboard each file was an individual video. The playlist ID would then be available as an XML or JSON feed using the following URLs:[playlist_ID].xml[playlist_ID].json

If you wanted to use the separate audio transcode, it would not be as easy, but you could create such a playlist with the individual URLs but it would have to be hosted on your servers.

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