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Roll Players Back to JW6

I upgraded all of my players to JW7 and now nothing loads on my Wordpress site because the Wordpress plugin only supports JW6. Can I either roll back my players to 6 or at least have the option to have one as JW6?

In addition: any idea when the Wordpress plugin will be updated to support 7?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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No idea when the Wordpress plugin will be updated for JW 7 and I’m not sure if it possible to downgrade a player, but I will ask the engineers both.

Your best workaround might be to disable the plugin and use the direct Javascript embed method as documented at


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I have the same question - wondering if a JW7 platform account can be rolled back to JW6.

My client is not comfortable copying/pasting code, and the WP plugin was the only thing that made this feasible for them.

No update on this thread since July - any news?

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