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Some Viewers Seeing Washed-Out Video

I'm streaming videos to about 1,000 employees at our company, and I get several complaints each month of people seeing "washed-out" or "white-looking" or sometimes even "blue-ish" video.
It seems that sometimes changing their screen resolution will fix this, but it seems odd to me that this happens at all.
I put my videos on our server, and send out a link like this:


Any help or ideas on how to fix this would be super-appreciated!!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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I’ve heard of this before, but only rarely. The cause usually turns out to be some sort of weird video driver / browser / Flash incompatibility.
Are you using Internet Explorer? Does turning off hardware acceleration in the browser help? Right click on the player and choose Settings…


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Thanks for the reply Todd - I will find a user with this issue and give these suggestions a try. I wanted to see if it was a known issue (I was hoping so). I'm not looking forward to troubleshoot pc by pc.
Again, thanks for the reply!


JW Player Support Agent  
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You’re welcome

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