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Force primary to "html5" doesn't succeed on JW6

Is there any way to force HTML5 rendering mode on JW6? "primary" seems broken - even on home page :-(

Thanks in advance

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JW6 defaults to HTML5 rendering - you don't need to specify the primary. If the browser can play the video in HTML5 mode, that's what it uses. It falls back to Flash only if the browser isn't HTML5-compliant (IE8, FF on WinXP), or if you're feeding it an FLV video, or if you're feeding it a stream (RTMP, or HLS to a desktop browser other than Safari). I believe the JW home page is displaying a stream.

Try a simple example:


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Confirmed - the video on the JW home page is an m3u8 - in other words, an HLS stream. That can be displayed only in Flash in Chrome, FF, and IE - native HTML5 in Safari and mobiles.

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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MisterNeutron is correct- HLS plays using Flash mode in all browsers except Safari and mobile Safari.

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