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JW6, onAdError call back message and code for no ad found is different to the documentation


I am using jwplayer v 6.12.4945.

I am trying to find out from the onAdError callback if an advert was NOT found by a VAST request.

According to this callback should inform me of:

a) ad tag empty
b) no compatible creatives

Currently, my VAST response is:

<VAST version="2.0">
<Error> </Error>

<Extension type="adaptv_error">
<Error code="2"><![CDATA[No ad could be found matching this request.]]></Error>

But the onAdError() JSON for this VAST response says there was a problem playing the advert! Its event object contains:

code: 400
message: "Error Playing Ad Tag"

1. What does the '400' code really mean?
2. Is this 'Error Playing Ad tag' a bug in jwplayer.js?

Many thanks

2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Jeremy,

This is George from JW Player. For me to better understand the issue I would need you to fill out this questionnaire for me.

Website that is hosting the JW Player:

JW Player setup code:

Video being played:

Ad tag being played:

Other than that a 400 Http error corresponds to this:
10.4.1 400 Bad Request
The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client SHOULD NOT repeat the request without modifications.

So someone, somewhere is sending a bad request, you could test your ad tag here:

Thank you for using JW Player, I’m awaiting your response.

JW Player
Support Engineer


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Hi George,

Thanks for your reply. Here's my answers to your questionnaire:

1. Website that is hosting the JW Player:
Apache Web server

2. JW Player setup code:
Flash mode, Chrome, desktop. JSON:
'advertising': {
'admessage': "Your video won't play for xx seconds",
'client': "vast",
'schedule': {
'adbreak1': {
'offset': "pre",
'tag': requestUrl
'adbreak2': {
'offset': "post",
'tag': requestUrl

3. Video being played:

4. Ad tag being played:

Anything else?


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