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Safari error

Windows 7 with Safari browser said "Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found".
Chrome and IE and Firefox work fine with windows7.
Do you not support video on Safari?

This is the URL of my video.

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Does the demo on this page work for you in Safari?

It works for me. So if your own page gives an error, there's something else going on. Please set up a simpler demo page for testing - there's a lot going on with your lessontest page, which makes it difficult to debug.


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I've set test page simpler as you said. Please check again.

And your test page works fine. I wonder what is the differnce.


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You're still testing with a page that has over 3000 lines of HTML!!! Dozens of stylesheets, hundreds of lines of CSS, dozens of JS files, etc., etc.

Debugging 101: start with a simple test page that has only the bare bones of what you're trying to do. If you have more than 50 lines of HTML, it's not simple enough. If you're loading any Javascript other than the JW Player script, you've got too much stuff on there. If you have anything more than a few CSS classes, you've got too much stuff on there.


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Safari for Windows has not been updated since May 9, 2012, so I would not be surprised if some videos did not play correctly. Your best bet is to make sure the Flash version is up to date.

Since you are seeing a CORS error, you should also make sure your CORS heads and crossdomain.xml file are correct as well. Please see for more help with those.

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