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With HVEC actually working in Windows 10 - there is one dilema

Using Windows 10 browser ( Microsoft Edge) I am able to view HVEC ( H.265) and hey, it's great
I would like to continue to do this but I don't think it's going to be easy.
You see if you have the H265 file primary and the H264 secondary , browsers like Chrome other then Edge will play the H265 media but without video,it is just black with audio
So we need to come up with a way of providing H265 to Edge browsers and H264 to other browsers.
This might be possible wrapping the H265 into a MKV wrapper because Edge apparently supports MKV -- but I don't think JW Player 7 will read MKV?
Something to think of anyway

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JW Player Support Agent  
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At the moment, I do not believe the player fully supports H.265/mkv. We do however have full support for H.264/mp4/flv/webm

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Randy Le’Moine, Web Support Engineer, JW Player


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Well Randy, as with VP9 ( that is also not officially supported in your opinion), It VP9 and H264 play perfectly well in supported browsers when used inside the corresponding wrappers of webm for VP9 and mp4 for H265., therefore you be stated as supported
So it is really the wrapper type that you support and not the codec as the browser is the one that determines if the codec can play.
To solve this dilemma that I have brought to your attention may I make a suggestion to get Windows 10 as quick as you can,try some H265 in mp4 wrapper and then think of a way to deliver H265 to the Edge browser if it's being used and H264 to other browsers.


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Typo - "It VP9 and H264 " should read "It VP9 and H265"

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