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iPad Controls

I am using version "6.12.4956" and I am trying to use a video player that works across multiple platforms and browsers. I am using an mp4 test video from the video for everybody generator page and it plays without issue on chrome and firefox and an iphone in safari. however when i try to play the video on an ipad, the video starts automatically and there are no controls showing so I cannot pause the video. I have, by a fluke, found that I can open the ipad's native full screen controls by alternately tapping twice on either side of the video. I have no idea why this is happening or why the controls don't show for this mp4 video. They show fine for youtube links in the same player.

Has anyone else had this problem with no visible iPad controls and can suggest a solution?

the code I have is :

<div id="jwplayerright">
<h1>JW-player</h1><br />
<div id="jwplayerarea">
<script type="text/javascript">
"width": "100%",
"playlist": [{
"file": "youtubelinkhere",
"image": "video//thumbnail.png",
"title": "Title",
"description": "Description"
"file": "",
"image": "",
"title": " Example .mp4 File",
"description": "Sample Description would go here to describe the contents of the video"
"listbar": {
"position": playlistposition,
"size": playlistsize,

*playlistposition and playlistsize are javascript variables that style/position the listbar depending on screen width


1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

I’m not sure how this could be possible, as autoplaying videos on the iPad is not support (a limitation of Apples mobile <video> implementation) – and I don’t see the parameter ‘autostart’: true in your player setup code.

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