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JW7 audio playlist, no poster images

Starting to tinker with JW7 and adapting my basic demo pages, and I've run into one problem pretty quickly. When displaying an audio playlist, the player no longer displays the poster image for the current audio. It shows the poster before playing the first audio, and after the last audio, but in between, it's a blank.

JW6 version:

JW7 version:

(BTW, I suspect a lot of users are going to be very unhappy about the elimination of the listbar option for playlists, both video and audio.)

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Perhaps an option in configuration that would allow for both the listbar and the visual playlist in JW7 is a solution.

(ie) if listbar is true then allow for the listbar IF false then allow the visual playlist.

BTW, I am also 'thinkering' having to convert from JW6 to JW7 with several of my examples having the listbar.


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Yes, I'd like to see an option to retain the listbar. But even without it, the script should still show the poster image for each audio while it's playing.


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One of a number of JW7 playlist/"visual playlist" issues. Try going responsive and see how it performs...

Apparently 7.0.1 will have a means to switch the VP off - which is nice!

FYI, my Listy plugin is JW7 friendly and hides the VP automatically.

The audio/poster issue has to be an oversight - which may also be fixed in 7.0.1.

In the mean time try adding the following in order to fix it:

var sel = document.querySelectorAll('#'' .jw-preview');



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Nice one, James

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Thanks for pointing this out guys. I’ve escalated this to our engineers -

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