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Playlist Listbar Responsive Positioning

I was wondering if it is possible to change the list bar playlist position from "right" to "bottom" when using a tablet or mobile device? is it possible to have
"listbar": {
"position" : "positionvariable",

with an if statement or media query that assigns the variable positionvar = right or bottom depending on screen size?

or alternatively, is it possible to remove elements of the listbar, like description or thumbnail so that the listbar takes up less space on a smaller screen?


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You would only be able to do this dynamic positioning based on the initial screen state - at the point of player setup - which isn't really responsive but could potentially give a slightly better experience.

Alternatively, you can remove the description and thumbnail by setting the "layout" option in the "listbar" block:


A final option which offers the most flexibility is a plugin i've developed. You can find out more about Listy for JW Player here:

James Herrieven

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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You could certainly


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Thanks for the suggestion James. In the end I went with my original plan. Like you said, it isn't really responsive in that it requires the page to be loaded again, but the real reason I wanted it to change was so that it would be positioned differently on mobile devices. here's what I ended up with:
var playlistposition;
var playlistsize;

//$(window).on("resize", function () {
if ($(window).width() < 600) {
playlistposition = "bottom";
playlistsize = 200;
else {
playlistposition = "right";
playlistsize = 300;

"listbar": {
"position": playlistposition,
"size": playlistsize

It does the job I need it too. If I had more time I would maybe try something else, but there are other things I am working on that are taking up more time than expected. Thanks anyway.

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