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Start a playlist at a specific index and calling 'onPlaylistItem' only once

Lets say I have a playlist with multiple items. Whenever a user loads my page, I want to load the playlist, and I want to start the playlist at a specific index (that is maybe submitted by an query parameter).

Well, I could do this:

var player = jwplayer('player').setup({
playlist: somePlaylistArray,

This works, but the problem lies in the 'onPlaylistItem' callback. This callback is now fired TWICE: once for index 0, and once for the desired index.

I have logic in this callback that I ONLY want to execute once so I'm getting into trouble with this. I don't want to use some stupid 'var firstrun = true' mechanism for obvious reasons.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

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Your options are limited here unfortunately.

Both "onPlaylistItem" and "onPlaylist" fire when the player is first set up (contrary to what the documentation states).

What's the obvious reasons behind not using the stupid 'var firstrun = true' mechanism?



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Thanks for your answer James.

Well, controlling control flow by using these kinds of flags are a major code smell imho. It makes my eyes hurt as well :)

But I guess I'll have to go with it for now...


JW Player Support Agent  
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Other than the onPlaylist() logic, another potential option would be to manipulate your playlist before you instantiate the player.

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