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adding html content overlays to a mobile full screen ios safari

We're using a licensed version of jwplayer 6.7 and I've been handed prototype code which adds overlays (via divs) on top of the video whilst it's playing.
Using 'player.onTime' and through adding JSON config to set when a div should be shown/hidden we set whether a div is shown or hidden.

This works fine on desktop but on mobile it's patchy, especially when on io8/iphone6 where nothing shows at all.

Is it impossible to do this because when playback goes full screen and results in true native video rendering, it means it's no longer possible to use the browser DOM to control the display?
If so, is there an an alternative?

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Carolyn Ganon

JW Player Support Agent  
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That’s correct. In mobile, our player defers to the built in mobile control settings, which automatically renders video in full screen mode. Users won’t be able to see changes being made to the UI behind the video view.

An alternative would be to only add the overlays when the player is on desktop or tablet. You can do this by detecting the user agent before performing the onTime callback.

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