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MP4 file progressive play

Hello, our company use your player for HLS streaming, but we also want to play mp4 files (size more then 200Mb). Do we need to set some special options to play those files progressive (not to wait that whole file came to client browser)? Or we need to change video format?

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To enable streaming of an MP4, so the video will start playing once a few seconds of it have arrived at the client, you just need to make sure that the moov atom in the video is at the beginning of the file.

If you have already converted the video to its desired bitrate, framerate, etc., and just want to reposition the moov atom, you can use MP4 FastStart:

It's free, and can process an entire folder of videos in seconds. It does only one thing - it repositions the moov atom.

If you're using HandBrake to prepare your videos (, just check the "Web optimized" box, which does the same thing.

If you're using ffmpeg, include this:

-movflags faststart

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