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Video Freezes, Audio Continues in HTML5 player in Firefox

We have noticed in several videos playing with the html5 JW Player Premium in later versions of Firefox will get out of sync. When this occurs the video freezes at the same point in video each time but audio continues. The video scrubbing bar stops moving and timer stops progressing. This can be reproduced on both Mac and Windows versions of FF. I've personally seen it in Mac FF v38.0.5. The movie plays without issue in Safari and Chrome on Mac and Chrome and IE on Windows. It also can be reproduced in Firefox Safe Mode, so I don't believe it is related to an Add-on.

Google searching this issue reveals that several have encountered this issue. Is this a known issue with Firefox? Are there any workarounds for it? Does the flash player suffer from same problem? What do you recommend we do for our Firefox visitors?

I've included a link to a video below. The issue occurs around 1:32 into the video.,275573/action,video/lang,1

Thank you for your help and insight!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Native MP4 playback in Firefox on a Mac is actually quite new for Firefox. You mention that the video plays without issue in the other browsers, so I would say this is most directly related to an issue with Firefox’s native HTML5 playback capabilities. As a potential workaround, you could force our player into Flash mode. If the viewer has Flash installed, the issue might be resolved.

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