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Live Video Playlist Playback

We are trying to implement a Live video playlist. Basically we want to choose a number of videos that have been uploaded to our JWPlatform and having them play in our website throughout the day, live. Meaning that every time you visit the site, something different is already playing.
Is this something that can be accomplished with JWPlatform?
Any insights or recommendations would be deeply appreciated.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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I saw that you sent an e-mail for this as well, but I wanted to post my answer here to help anyone else in advance…

We do not have built-in functionality for this, but you can write some custom code to make it work. One of our support engineers wrote a demo that does basically exactly what you want. Please see for more details.

Basically the idea is this:

1) Create your playlist
2) Use Javascript to determine the current time of the viewer’s browser
3) Convert that time to seconds and jump to the appropriate time of the video when the player loads

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