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playlist customization

Hello! I am having an issue with the playlist and how it displays.

I want to have a preview image for each of the five videos in my playlist, BUT I do not want this preview image to display as my playlist thumbnail. I only want text to display in the playlist. I tried plugging in a blank.png image in <jwplayer:playlist.image> line of my .rss playlist, but that leaves a big margin to the left of my playlist text. This margin is the same proportions as the video preview...just shrunken to fit in playlist row.

I only have this problem if I use a preview image for the videos. Without that preview image all displays fine.

How do I get the player to just omit the thumbnails altogether?

My videos have titles with a lot of characters, so if I put the title text in the <title> they get truncated my 75%.
So I tried putting the titles in the description field and omitting the <title> from the playlist.rss...BUT I have a huge top margin on each playlist item -- as if it holds this space for the (non-existent) title text.

How do I get the description text to not be pushed down? Can I add css somewhere? Is this available in a custom skin somewhere.

I have searched high and low for examples to no avail.
If anyone has any experience or knowledge of these issues, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Grace

Problem 1 can be overcome by switching your listbar to be in "basic" mode (title only) rather than "extended" mode (image, title and description):


However you will still have Problem 2 as an issue.

Given this, and your other post (regarding the functionality of a click to switch media and then a click to play) I'd suggest you look at a playlist plugin I've written:

I'd be happy to help you implement this if you feel it would fit with your needs - just send me an email to james[at]haiku[dot]co[dot]uk

James Herrieven


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Thanks James,

I add :
'playlist.layout': 'basic',
to my script and it worked like a charm.
Thanks so much for that! I was totally stumped.

Also, I checked out listy and would love help adding it to my player to control the playlist text styling, as well and the how the playlist onClick functions.

I will contact you via email about these.

Thanks again, you're a huge help!

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