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JWplayer Wordpress does not stretch properly in Safari (tiny image in player)

We currently have a couple of JWplayers up on our Wordpress website, but I’m having difficulty getting them to work with iOS devices. So far I’ve managed to embed the player in such a way that it uses Flash for desktop viewers and HLS for iOS devices.

So far so good, but now I ran into the problem that the livestream video does not scale properly in Safari!

The player is embedded with the following shortcode, links are abbreviated of course:
[jwplayer player="3" sources="{ file:'rtmp://url1' },{ file:'http://url2/playlist.m3u8' }”]

Player 3 is a 320x180 HTML player, fixed size (not responsive) with all other settings set to default. We are using a Pro license.

I’ve noticed the following while switching between the Stretch mode option:

Keep original dimensions: Video in the player looks good in Safari, but it only shows a cut-out from the middle of the image in Firefox, as though it’s zoomed in a lot. Clicking the full-screen button brings up the complete picture, but there are giant black borders on every side.

Stretch disproportionately: Video in the player in Safari looks tiny, full screen button gives proper full screen image, no black borders. Firefox video looks good in player, full screen works good.

Stretch proportionately - black borders: Video in player in Safari looks tiny, full screen looks fine. Firefox looks fine both in player and full screen.

Stretch proportionately - parts cut off: Same results as the stretch with black borders

So, long story short, I haven’t been able to find a combination of player type and stretching mode that shows the livestream properly in every browser.

You can find a website link showing the problem (top two players are HTML 5 mode and shows up very small in Safari on the Mac) on

Anyone got any suggestions? Much appreciated!

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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I think there may be some css conflicting with your video tag on the page. Can you please inspect the video tag created by our player in safari and make sure there is no style being applied to it via your wordpress stylesheet?


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