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stream works fine in IE8, IE9 but NOT in IE11

This stream / player works fine in older IE, latest FF, Chrome and Safari, but NOT in IE11
What is going wrong?

Also, when I add a different url (from a different radiostation, for example;stream.mp3) into the player I face the same problem.
But adding this url:;stream.mp3 and it works fine in IE11.

Please help.

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Just noticed that adding primary: 'flash' solved the problem.
But isn't that strange? Or do I mis something?

And is it possible that adding the primary flash line into the script has an effect on the alignment of the player?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Please review the following five scenarios that might be at play:

1) Encoding

Please make sure you are using these settings in your encoding: Some browsers are more stringent than others about encoding requirements. I typically use Handbrake (free on Mac) to encode video files.

Here are a few screenshots of my encoding settings:

2) Mime-type:

Please make sure that the request for your video is returning a proper mime-type that corresponds to your video format:

3) Hardware acceleration:

IE has a browser setting called ‘hardware acceleration’ which has been known to break some videos. You can disable hardware acceleration with our player by using ‘stagevideo’: false in your setup configuration (or you can disable the setting in your browser).

4) Mov Atom

The ‘moov’ atom in your video encoding. This is basically a piece of metadata that tells a video player when the video is ready to play. When creating web-friendly video, it is important to select a ‘web optimized’ or fast-start settings.

If you are using ffmpeg, you can use the following:
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -codec copy -map 0 -movflags +faststart output.mp4

5) Pseudo-Streaming with Flash

If you’re serving videos to clients with older browsers that need Flash mode, you may need to enable psuedostreaming:

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