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streaming to mobile devices

hello eveyone, i need your help:

1- i'm streaming on RTMP using adobe live streaming, just audio
2- the server used is Wowza v.4.2
3- at the wowza server i had include that the server produces all versions of strem
4- i'm using the next code to play it in my website:

<div id='playerskKQnitPaVXb'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
file: 'rtmp://',
image: '',
title: 'la',
width: '520',
height: '180',
skin: 'roundster'

but it's play just into the browsers....

how i need to configure that code so it will be played in alll type od mobile devices an tablets???


Dan Rdven

3 Community Answers


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RTMP is a Flash protocol. There's no Flash on any mobile device. There is no change in the setup code that will change this.

You're going to have to start looking at HLS streaming.

Everything you need to know about streaming:


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so, i can stil use Wowza server, but not Adobe RTMP to encode from the beginning... right?

which encoder to HLS i can use from my windows 7 desktop?


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Way beyond the scope of this forum. Google for "wowza hls stream."

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