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Videos stretched using Flash Player w/ HLS

I'm having some trouble with videos being stretched using the JWPlayer Flash Player (version 6.12.4956) w/ HLS. If I use a 16:9 video it looks fine, but if I use any other aspect ratio the video is being stretched to fit the player.

I tried specifying the 'stretching' option as 'uniform' (which is should default to anyways), but that didn't change anything. I also tried 'fill' (which didn't seem to change anything) and 'none' (which changed the size of the video in the player but still stretched it).

Using ffprobe, I can see that the ts segments are 640x480.

Playing the same stream on Mac Safari with their native HLS implementation the video is not stretched.

Here is a link to a video that exhibits the problem. Notice, if you play the video on Mac Safari, everything is fine, the red square in the video is actually a square, as it should be and you get bars on the sides. If you use the same link in another browser (I used Chrome on Mac), the video is stretched to fit and the square looks more like a rectangle.

Can you please offer some guidance on how to make JWPlayer stop stretching the video in the Flash Player?

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Tough to diagnose, since you've got the player in an iframe, and also because once the player is in Flash mode, it's more difficult to poke around at, but I believe the problem relates to using both width and height of 100% in the setup() block.

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